Urban Geisha

October 18, 2013
kimono geisha girl


kimono geisha girl

Today we’re playing Geisha inspiration.

It all starts with a very special gift from a very special person:

A very authentic & absolutely AWESOME Geisha Kimono that i was offered from a friend who visited Tokyo.

I was really in the mood of showing it around so i decided to wear it as a jacket and play Mix & Match styling for once more.

kimono & necklase

Leather Biker Jacket: ASOS

Tropical flower crystal necklace: E.L.R. for

“Ω la la” t-shirt:

chinese letters

elr bling hawai

Get this BLING BLING baby right here.


japanese letters

Some Japanese talking.


mykita shades retro

We love retro style shades and today we’re wearing Mykita.


rihanna proncess of china new

Although today’s inspiration is Japan, we love that song and YES, we love Rihanna.


urban geisha


balenciaga on leather

Leather on Leather and of course the ultimate “IT” bag:



balenciaga IT bag


yin yang ring

Ying and Yang vintage chevalier ring for my little finger.


shoes street style

“Wet look” leggings: Primark

Shoes: Vintage


profile urban fashion girl

Big street style AWESOME kiss for today.




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