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September 11, 2012
batman accessories e-outfit

Batman Defends the Streets by Thierry Le Goues for “The Dark Night” Editorial
Model: Ali Stephens
Styling: Marcell Rocha

Everyone looks good in a custom tailored Giorgio Armani suit.
Armani has returned for Dark Knight Rises (yet again) to clothe the billionaire vigilante.
The prices aren’t listed, but the Made To Measure line at Armani usually starts at about $3,000.

Batman Sunglasses
Hot rod rayban knockoffs on the outside, all Batman fanatic on the inside. 12 smackers, from Hot Topic.

Gotham City Ring
Carry the city of Gotham on your pinky with this $225 ring from Noir Jewelry.

Comfy Tom’s created by Sarah Kidd

Batman & Robin Vintage 60′s Movie

Batman back bag – ASOS

Lazy Oaf x Batman Capsule Collection


Jeremy Skot + Glitter Batman Tank = AWESOSME
Autumn / Winter Collection 2011

Batman and Robin Nike Dunks
Totally rad and available on ebay for around $130.

Lazy Oaf x Batman for ASOS.

Lindsay Lohan hanging around with Batman.

Cheryl Cole in ASOS Batman dress

Perrie Edwards in Batman outfit.

Katy Perry being rescued by Batman

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